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The Sun Fast line by Jeanneau is a line of sailboats specifically designed for performance.

Established in 2008 with the arrival of the Sun Fast 3200, the line has seen its scope broaden, becoming compatible with offshore races for short-handed crew.  It responds to an evolution in the world of competitive sailing, where the IRC is no longer synonymous with in-shore regattas.

After scoring numerous successes in offshore racing and earning the title of “European Boat of the Year” upon her launch, this year, the Sun Fast 3200 has been joined by a big sister, the 3600, featuring all the successful ingredients of the first model, with even more adaptability.

On the water, speed and exhilarating sensations are guaranteed, without compromising dependability, ease of handling and safety at sea. Here, we see one of the key strengths of the Sun Fast line:  this capacity to race in complete safety, with the very best conditions, on waters around the globe.  These two sailboats will impress you with their seaworthy qualities, the rigidity of their sails and their robust builds.

Regarding the deck and interior design, the Sun Fast 3200 and 3600 are built around three concepts:  ergonomic design for ease of handling at sea, weight savings, and ease of maintenance. The Sun Fast 3200 and 3600 are as light on the scale as they are to handle, offering their owners maximum pleasure with minimum requirements.

Finally, with a very precise and consistent build weight from one boat to another, Sun Fast sailboats are ideal for racing in a monotype fleet. Increasing numbers of Sun Fast racing fleets are appearing across multiple continents.

For sailors of all experience levels, the Sun Fast line will prove invigorating and resolutely fun, with the disconcerting ability to effortlessly make the speedometer spin…
Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200
Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200

Built to Win. Effortless speed and is most definitely fun. Built using the latest technology to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratios.
Jeanneau Sail
From 82.400€
Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600
Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity.
Jeanneau Sail
From 135.100€
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